sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

Broken Heart

You know that you shed tears last night before bed? Remember the reason? It's hard is not it? Suffer so much for someone you love, and that probably does not care about you. His life is complicated, it is difficult, more than anyone can imagine. Every day you have to put that smile that you have in the face just to hide her tears. And every time you enter the shower is just to vent and put out all those tears you held all day. You can avoid as much as possible, but you know it when you lie it is who you will think. You can cry baby, is not an error, it is a necessity. You need to put out all the pain I have caused you. You are strong for all this just to save you, never judge weak, because you are not. And I know, you know, and all the girls in the world know how it is. Just keep being strong. One day he'll know how it is. And when the pain is strong, it will remember those who have suffered for it and will be sorry for everything that has made him pass. One day he will not just be a silly memory. But until then, keep fighting, one hour it will come out of your mind, and will not take over your heart. The space that it will have another person, a person who will love you.Yeah, some day ... But you have to continue to survive up there.Only we know how to be a girl, and it is not easy. Only we bear so much pain and still managed to smile. But we are strong enough to hide our tears instead of printing them for who makes us suffer.Just as we know it all. And that's why I'm proud to say I'm a girl, that even though I have wept for kids, I can be stronger than them.Because I have feelings that make me suffer, but still continue to live without fear of love. One day I'll grow, and become a strong and independent woman. Not that I will not cry when most just will not cry for the same reasons silly today. Reason being that even fools seem serious. But until then I'll keep dreaming of you every night .. crying over you in the shower .. and loving you in silence.Until the day that all this will change.

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