sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011


The trick is to pretend q I no longer feel his absence, is trying tofool myself every day when I remember the moments q and we do everything to occupy my mind with other things, just to rememberaconteceu.Com q vooc I was not ashamed to speak of my lovedisasters, I miss when said q would hit the boy with whom I was crying before I felt safe and secure, now quite the opposite, I feel lonely and whether despretegida.Queria vooc is good or you'relike me, wanted to know if one day when I recover from vooc it allgoes back to comfort me another vez.Quando saw you one daywith some friends, vooc seemed so happy, I do not evenremember q happened more than q of q and q and let a personneeds a big brother, say q and q would beat me if I did something wrong, say q q q was larger q and I would care for me to knowsempre.Dói q I have thee not here with me when I need to know q and the need to hide from people I'm feeling qe, qe know I lost my best friend for silly things, q things or matters so much I thought Ihad q, q and the confused feelings, and today is falling apartmore every day.

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