sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011


Today felt like crying and I just wanted a lap to touch my head and pretend that the outside world does not exist. Today I wanted tohug those who suffocates you so tight and at the same timeprotects you from everything. Today I just wanted to hear "I calledto see if you're okay" to feel pain less painful in the chest. I'm tired of love by half. Tired of feeling alone. I'm tired of so many lies.Tired of the same day, the routine. I got tired of me and I always leave the final choice. Tired of looking for my friends. I'm tired of lying to me, to see if it hurts less. I'm tired of worrying about whodoes not worry me. Tired of suffering and ill wake up, tired of feeling the heart beat faster, with a sense of repentance, of error.I'm tired of everything!

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