sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

I was in a very beautiful place, sitting under a huge tree in the company of a livro.Era a very calm place, with q and the silencewas heard the singing of birds on the movement of each sheet ofárvores.Então when I was distracted , imagining myself in the story to which I was reading, I hear someone calling out mynome.Logo, I looked around me and saw my best friend qe I did not see for a long time, but he was the distance q from me was very great, and he came walking up .. qe came close, but hecame pretty fast by the distance q was q mim.Quando he arrivedhe saw was a little older than I remembered q since the last timebefore vi.Então the q he gets me through until I ran yourencontro.E hugged one so deeply q if I could would be there with him for eternity.
... But when I woke up, I q was just a dream, just a stupid dreambobo.Queria both q and this had actually happened ..

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