sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

November Rain

Alone I can see you better when the sun goesLooking for a strand of your hair in waterI downloaded that movie tha said it was good,And I saw that nothing is as good as tha 'not here.A day without you is sad, one week's mean,A month does not exist, I offer my jumps, go through the cityAlong money to finance the tripA wafer, a snack, and two coolant passageIt was, as I was, I expected love,I delayed another ten minutes, stop and buy you a flowerAnd to ready, the best clothes that I haveA rose in her left hand, on the other hand a card design.Road running to the buso leaves at 9Sorry for the wet cardboard, who in November is always rain in the afternoon.And now the rain ta roll, I've sat, I made my prayerIf God wills not get anything going!If God wills not get anything going!Okay I'm comin 'I'm comin 'love.To going, sitting, watching the mountains,Reminding me that the more you lose, the more times you beat meAnd that fight yesterday was fucking, I do not want to tell youI did not want you,But I wanted you to know that I careAnd I feel that this rain is a reflection of the state of my body.And I was thinking about it played out hereTo see if I find when I make the rain stopIs that possible?I too dreamy, intranha in enough pain and that pain is more strange than nostalgiaIt is a necessityPower to make sure it was not trueWhat you said in telefeneWhat was in that time I will prove that it could be your manThat the boy who can not sustain a homeIt would never be good enough to marry you.Thinking about that I got into the Busa,But maybe I'm just a boy with a rose in his handAnd I'll call you on the phoneWarning you that I'm going and asking you to go there to wait for meBut you never said you love meAgain off without saying, gets dressed and goes to bedAll right, sleep well love, love you!When you wake up scent that is're getting your man, go!Wait for me okay!Wait for me okay!Every second the rain increasesIn this chair every minute that I sleep I wake up fortyWindow blurred, capping my viewI close my eyes and almost feel your breath,It's like the silence of my room without youBlame this distance prevents me from seeing youIt prevents me from proving that I deserveTo show that money they're little but the joy is pricelessAnd I thought of you at this timeI take the time to train the marriage proposalAfter the fight, I woke up earlyI took the whole economy and bought the ring a secretI collected money for money's here so I can,To show that a child can make you smileYou feel once again, feeling for onceWhat I'm finding your dream is not nonsenseBut wait, I hear a noise, that's going on?The alliance fell out of my pocket, all shaking (damn dog!)Who's crying? Because ta spinning? Does anyone know?I try to call your name, but not open my mouthSound of rain, tire, darkRemember his face became the last optionI grab the rose strongly in the mudBoy or man you let me go without saying that I love!I do not think it was this trip so far awayThe phone rings, are you sending me messagesAnd I stuck in the wreckage, without movingI know you wrote me, but I close my eyes without knowing what ...

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